Six Word Stories

MY POSTS TO TWITTER’S @atonguewithbutsixwords (@ATWBSW)

Only regret what I didn’t do.

Remove toxic people from your life.

Unconditional love exists only from dogs.

Aren’t we all just disappointing mortals?

Stop fighting it, be over it.

Born, career, family, die. Absurdly fallacious.

Hatred implies emotion. Apathy? Premeditatively abandoned.

Normal person? You’ve not yet met.

Christmastime? Gangplank To The Abyss Of Purgatory.

Blood disease? Gallbladder tumor? Dues paid!

“Colossal clusterfuck”, I say, every day.

Prompt: poem about learning to not seek validation from other people:

Me? Self love. Don’t need yours.

Prompt: “..about high school and the deceptive nature that comes with making friends here?”

Over 40? BFFs from high-school? Loser.

Sudden silent rejection; arrogant cowardly loser.

Prompt: a poem about learning to not seek validation from others.

I did it myself. No problem.

Prompt: “an emotionally violent relationship.”

He said please, I said no.

Prompt: “an emotionally violent relationship.”

Stop yelling until I’m done yelling.

Prompt: “you’ve gotta fuck up sometimes and experience life to really have anything of interest to say..”

Stay home if you’ve never left.

Prompt: “my passion and purpose, or potential lack thereof.”

I’m a loser, except for weight.

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