Random Thoughts: My Six Word Stories-Volume Two

Why bother to try? Never resolved.

Loneliness is underrated. I embrace it.

Never made a mistake? You’re mistaken.

A dropped nail is never found.

Becoming a parent means goodbye, you.

Children leave, never come back. Yay!

Children don’t leave; when’s it over?

Children leave or don’t. Never over.

Downsize. It’s all just junk now.

Children born. Children frolic. Children leave.

Work sucks. Retirement never soon enough.

Plan. Accept nothing goes as planned.

Don’t ask? Then answer always No.

Being bullied? So is your bully.

High road is best, but lonely.

Every moment is a teaching moment.

Time: No pause, FF, rewind. Wait.

Opposite of love? Hate? No, apathy.

Choosing to ghost someone is cowardly.

Children change everything….for the best.

Women: periods, pregnancy, menopause. Men: sex.

I dare you to define fairness.

We’re living in the Twilight Zone.

When is too much, too much?

Born, educated, married, parented, abandoned, died.

Overthinking is torture. Puerility much preferred.

Be naive; be obtuse; be happy.

Be complicated; be circumspect; be miserable.

If you could redo, would you?

One thought on “Random Thoughts: My Six Word Stories-Volume Two

  1. Aloha, Amy — These are true, some of them very funny, and all of them very clever. I want more! Talk anytime soon? (Home health care physical therapist coming this afternoon; how about tomorrow?) I’m doing quite well in my recovery. Would not be surprised to be discarding walker within a couple of weeks, using it only when I get extremely tired. Diligent about my exercise program.

    Much love,Bill & Nancy http://www.billworthbooks.com


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