The Lowdown On The High Road (Observations from my occasional visits)

Just take the high road, they say

Be the better person, they say

Rise to the occasion, they say

Don’t stoop to their level, they say

You’ll feel better, they say

The high road

Is lonely


The few people there

Are unhappy






And jealous

As they glance down

At the low road

Where the crowds are gathered

Merrily commiserating

Gleeful in their honesty

Confident in their candor

Sincere in their authenticity

Just having a hell of lot more fun.

One thought on “The Lowdown On The High Road (Observations from my occasional visits)

  1. Amy – I was writing you in response to your post below, and it blanked out – couldn’t get it back (I can sometimes, but don’t know why}. Would you be willing to have a ‘snail mail’ correspondence – at least for my side? Please advise. Thanks. Love, Mom I had said before, that I was sorry to see you so sad. You know that if there was anything I could do, I’d sure try.


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