What Is This Concept You Call Unconditional Love?

Unconditional: not limited by conditions; absolute.

Love: a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.

Unconditional Love: An absolute profoundly tender passionate affection for another person, not limited by conditions.

Is that really a thing?

Is that possible?

Are you born with it?

How do you know if you feel it?

How do you know if you’re receiving it?

Does it come and go?

Do you have to earn it?

Can you keep it forever if you receive it?

Do you have to reciprocate?

What if you can’t?

What if you don’t want it?

Can you refuse it?

Can you withhold it?

Can you force it?

Can you believe it?

Can you live without it?

Can you prove it?

Can you undo it?

Can you lose it?

Can you trust it?

Is there a catch?

What’s in the fine print?

What are the rules?

Are there strings attached?

Can you give me some examples?

What is this concept you call unconditional love?

It seems to be complicated;










Thanks but I think I’ll pass for now. It sounds a bit dangerous.





One thought on “What Is This Concept You Call Unconditional Love?

  1. Amy, I’ve given this concept of unconditional love a lot of thought since I got into ministry, and have come to the conclusion that between human beings, it is almost impossible, for a lot of the reasons you cited in your questions. However, I do think it is possible between humans and animals, mostly because animals, such as dogs, do not talk back — and have a major difference in wiring in their brains. Dogs never have expectations and never seem to be disappointed the way humans do. They always are content in a human’s presence, or shrink away from humans who do them harm. They are as close as we can get to unconditional love. We humans can strive for it, beginning with the way a mother or father loves an infant child, but I do not think we can truly achieve it the way a dog can, for example. That’s why I’m very skeptical when I hear someone say they love someone else unconditionally. There are always conditions; sometime very small ones, sometimes very large ones.

    Much aloha from Maui,Bill http://www.billworthbooks.com


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