Random Thoughts: My Six- Word Stories-Volume Six (Featuring Difficult Questions Edition)

Does anybody actually truly “get” you?

When do you stop knowing everything?

What makes you better than me?

Are you bullying because you’re bullied?

Why can’t creationism and evolution coexist?

President Trump: how did this happen?

Lack of feeling: comfortable or pain? 

 Hell on Earth worse than Hell? 

How to turn off brain chatter?

I need you. Where are you?

Do you know me at all?

All black and white? No gray? 

Complex or carefree: which is preferable?

Does unconditional love exist in humans?

Who really knows anything for sure?

Is the truth always unequivocally true?

What is worse than children dying?

What eats away at your soul? 

Why do we count on hope?

What is it really all about?

Is our lives the Big Picture?

And then finally, why? Just why?

3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: My Six- Word Stories-Volume Six (Featuring Difficult Questions Edition)

  1. Am — I LOVE your 6 word “Random Thoughts”, vol.6 – really truly do. I never got any of the others; hence, no prior responses. But it looks like they just ‘appeared’, so I’ll respond to those directly. L, M


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