This Daughter Of Mine

This daughter of mine

She was a gift from the heavens

Almost twenty-one years ago

I wasn’t aware she was coming

As she was number three of my fold

And honestly, I thought at the time

That I was too tired, too old.

She melded herself into us

Once a family of four, now five

And made herself known

With her serene beauty and vibe

She was no trouble at all

And if she was

I wouldn’t have known

As the seeds of my family

Were swiftly being sown

And soon, too soon, two of them were grown

But still this daughter of mine

Who was not yet fully bloomed

I had her all to myself now

And she had me, happily, I assumed

We grew together over three more years

Until she too, was grown and gone.

But gone she never was in truth

Because she’d captured my essence

Captured my soul

Became what we playfully called

Amy 2.0

She is the best, most amazing version of me

Through all my life existed I didn’t know

As my own troubled childhood

of abandonment and neglect

Caused my synapses to disconnect

But this daughter of mine

Sewed me back together

Taught me how to grow

And I wouldn’t change any part of my past

Now that I know

That this daughter of mine

Forever resides at the end of my rainbow.

2 thoughts on “This Daughter Of Mine

  1. Aloha, Amy — Wow! This is among your best posts! Thanks for sending it along. (And the word “sewn” should be “sown.” Sorry, the editor in me is raising its ugly head again.) Much love,Bill


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