Six Word Stories-Volume 4 (Featuring Definitions)

Vomitilicious: eating too much yummy food.

Abyssmas: anything related to Christmas season.

Redoodoo: dog poops immediately after walk.

Irregretless: having no regrets at all.

Momsknoweverything: speaks for itself, trust me.

Sangover: too much drinking and karaoke.

Beerling: darling bring a beer, now.

Teeeiny: sadly describing a man’s genitalia.

Iphobia: fear of all things Apple.

Omititus: failure to fully disclose truth.

Muncholicious: anything edible after smoking marijuana.

OrganicNo: normal processed food we crave.

Apafetish: the closeted predilection of apathy.

Mindlessness: totally over being mindfully mindful.

Ridiculousness: the current political pity party.

Misunderstandable: incapable of ability to comprehend.

ToughGlove: gently but firmly removing glove.

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